August 16 • 17 • 18, 2016


Subject to change without notice; items subject to availability


Funnel cakes, lemonade, corn dogs, soft pretzels


General Tso's chicken with rice, sweet and sour chicken with rice, orange chicken with rice, chicken skewer with rice or noodles, shrimp rice, egg roll, lemonade.


Lamb; stuffed cabbage; kielbasa with sauerkraut; hot dogs with sauerkraut; pierogies—potato cheese; halushki; Croatian potato salad; chicken noodle soup; sauerkraut and bean soup; palacinke (apricot, cherry, or cheese); medenjaci (honey cake); bajadera (hazelnut and chocolate candy); kolac od tresnje (cherry tart)


Chicken scwharma sandwich, falafel sandwich, lamb pie, spinach and feta pie, stuffed grape leaves, Mediterranean salad, baklava, chocolate-covered almond roll, fresh-squeezed lemonade, coffee


Vegetable tempura with cheese, spiral fries with cheese, fresh-squeezed lemonade, funnel cake with fruit toppings


Southern-fried chicken dinner, barbecue rib dinner, barbecue rib sandwich, slabs and 1/2 slabs, barbecue pigs' feet, Southern-fried chicken wings, Southern tenders (side), red rice (side), "Hoppin' Johns" (side), corn bread or white bread, sweet potato pie (whole or slice)


Pastitsio ("Greek lasagne" layers of pasta noodles and seasoned ground beef, topped with homemade bechamel sauce); moussaka (layers of potatoes, seasoned ground beef, eggplant, topped with homemade bechamel sauce); stuffed eggplant (1/2 eggplant stuffed with seasoned ground beef, topped with homemade bechamel sauce and marinara sauce); stuffed grape leaves (grape leaf stuffed with ground beef, rice, and seasonings, cooked in lemon juice); spanakopita "spinach pie" (spinach and cheeses rolled in phyllo dough); tiropita "cheese pie" (feta, ricotta and cottage cheeses rolled in phyllo dough); strifto (spinach and goat cheese in homemade phyllo dough); super-duper gyro (thin slices of lamb and beef together in pita bread with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cucumber sauce); lamb souvalki (chunks of tender lamb marinated and grilled on a skewer); lamb shank with orzo pasta in a light tomato sauce. Desserts: Baklava (walnuts and spices in phyllo dough, topped with honey syrup); finikia (walnut cookie dipped in honey); kataifi (walnuts in shredded phyllo topped with honey syrup); lemon cake; kourambiettes (butter pecan cookie with powdered sugar); rice pudding; epirotiko (1/2 baklava, 1/2 custard with kataifi phyllo topped with honey syrup); bugatsa (vanilla cream in homemade dough with powdered sugar and cinnamon); ladylocks; chocolata almond log (almond in phyllo dough, drizzled with chocolate); kouburakia (twist cookies); ecmec (shredded phyllo with honey, bavarian cream and cool whip)


Hawaiian shave ice; fresh fruit smoothies; pulled pork sandwich; pig wings; Hawaiian chicken sandwich; fish sandwich; coconut shrimp; deep fried Oreos; deep fried cheesecake; deep fried cheesecake bites; chocolate covered strawberries; chocolate covered cheesecake; grilled pineapple; deep fried pineapple


Kiffles, cheese pockets, csoroge, puff pastries, thumbprints, apple squares, triple deckers, long rolls (apricot, nut, poppyseed); chicken and dumplings (paprikás csirke), cabbage and homemade noodles, homemade kolbasz sandwich with sauerkraut, stuffed cabbage rolls, palacsinta (crepes)


Boxty (potato pancake); shepherd's pie; corned beef with cabbage; soda bread


Gnocchi, rigatoni, meatball sandwich, hot sausage sandwich, pizza, lady locks, pizzelles, stuffed banana peppers


Whole wings (four) with two sauces, whole wings (12) with six sauces, french fries, apple cobbler, peach cobbler, tropical fruit cup. Sauces: Kenya, pineapple habanero, Thai, teriyaki, sweet and spicy, North Carolina style BBQ, regular BBQ, honey mustard


Gyro, falafel sandwich, baked kibbee, stuffed grape leaves, spinach pie, spinach pie with feta, meat pie, hummus dip, baba gannouj dip, tabbouleh salad, baklava, apricot roll, fresh-squeezed lemonade, coffee


Burrito, big burrito, chicken fajita, nachos, nachos supreme, quesadillas (cheese or chicken), Spanish rice, stuffed hot peppers, taco, taco salad, taco salad with chicken, churros


Lumpiang Shanghai (spring roll), Inihaw na Manok (grilled chicken), Lumpiang gulay (vegetable spring roll), Empanada de Manila (beef turnover), Lumpiang sariwa (fresh spring roll), pancit bihon (stir fried noodles), adobo rice bowl (braised chicken over rice), kanin (jasmine rice, fried or steamed), combo (grilled chicken, stir-fried noodles, spring roll, drink); drinks, canteloupe or calomondin (calamansi lemons with honey)


Potato pierogi, stuffed cabbage rolls, haluski, kielbasa sandwich, stuffed cabbage sandwich, stada baba stew, "lazy man pierogi," potato pancakes, platter (two pierogi, one stuffed cabbage roll, haluski, kielbasa sandwich), kielbasa bites (20) with or without sauerkraut


Lamb sandwich, hot sausage sandwich, kolbassi sandwich, haluski, apple strudel, palachinka, beans and sauerkraut soup, hot dog


"Bubba's Dinner" (one stuffed cabbage roll, three pierogies, halushki, applesauce), stuffed cabbage roll, pierogies (potato and cheese, sweet cabbage, lekvar-prune), halushki, funnel cake, ceregi, nut roll


Apple dumplings (individually or by the pan), ice cream (cones, sundaes, and with apple dumplings)


Turkish gyro, baklava, eggplant, feta cheese stick, vegetable wheat rice, grape leaves, Turkish coffee, limeade, lemonade


Chicken on a stick (with or without rice or noodles), veggie rice or noodles, shrimp rice, spring roll, lemonade